A magical book that reveals the hidden secrets of unborn children

The third installment in Scott Blum's best-selling series of enchanting novels, Winter Moon Rises continues where the semiautobiographical Waiting for Autumn left off. This book follows Scott and his soul mate, Madisyn, as they prepare for their most profound adventure together: the journey of bringing their first child into this world.

Discovering that the miracle of birth is not limited by the physical world, Scott and Madisyn embark on an insight-filled spiritual awakening, where they discover how their entire history has ultimately laid the foundation for their expected child's future. Exploring ancient rituals, unseen worlds, and ancestral healing, the couple soon discovers how we all remain connected to the magical world of unborn children long after we become adults. This heartwarming adventure captures the imagination and reveals what it truly means to be a spiritual being having the ultimate human experience.

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About the author - Scott Blum

Scott Blum is an author and the co-founder of the popular inspirational website DailyOM. He is also a successful multimedia artist who has collaborated with several popular authors, musicians, and visual artists and has produced many critically acclaimed works, including a series featuring ancient meditation music from around the world. Scott lives in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, with Madisyn Taylor--his wife, business partner, and soul mate.

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"Scott Blum is a wonderful, metaphysical story teller."

- Deepak Chopra, Author of Muhammad : A Story of the Last Prophet