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Waiting for Autumn Book Group Discussion
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2010/01/17 11:01 AM

A holiday gift to me from my daughter, Waiting for Autumn has brought my soul's emotions to my awareness in a way unlike any other. The tears continue to come ... and I wonder the meaning of our crossed paths.

Continue the magic and grace. I will be waiting ...


2009/12/21 08:27 AM

I'm not much of a reader. My sister lent this book to me & told me to read it, & I told her it takes me a while to finish books because I could never really get into them. However, I started reading Waiting For Autumn late one evening, & did not put it down (OR SLEEP) until 11 AM the next morning. I was literally up all night reading it. I tried putting it down so I could finally get some sleep, but I could not sleep because I was too curious as to what was going on in the next chapter. I laughed, cried, felt inspired, learned many things, got "truth bumps," & am eternally grateful for such an amazing book. Thank you for writing & sharing, Scott. Looking forward to more books from you.


Sandy Collins
2009/10/27 7:47 PM

I am so excited and moved by your book....must have more. Love and Thanks.


2009/10/06 11:11 AM

That was the most beautiful story I have ever read in my life. It was so wonderful and awesome. Please tell me if that was real or imagined.


2009/10/01 8:56 PM

Awesome book! Read the first three free chapters online and bought the book and finished it that same day. Lots of neat stuff in that book. I wonder if any of it is real. I loved it.


2009/09/29 6:47 PM

I found this book by picking out several randomly at my beautiful library (while most libraries are becoming non-excistant my town restored and expanded ours (Crandal Library Glens Falls N.Y.)-Thanks for the wonderful book It was very calming and helpful to my spiritual journey. After reading it my sister gave my daughter a heavy iron-like dragon fly just like the one on the cover- not knowing anything about the book- my daughter is such a gift to me even though I had her when I was single and seventeen- it was a great struggle but she is thirteen now and I'm so thankful she choose me- even if I was not the most equiped at the time-she saved me!!!! I'm glad your book found me.


George Bogle
2009/09/22 5:25 PM

Very much a "Soul" uplifting book. It definitely reveals the "inner" workings
of our Spirit.
Tis a great book for everyone to read that is on a "Spiritual" Journey in this Life. Once the reading is started it is a book that is hard to put down and is very refreshing and may bring about much "Insight".
This book is difinitely a "Winner".


2009/09/12 7:10 PM

Soul warming heart moving experience , truly magical.. Cant wait for more .. Thankyou for sharing your gift and your growth..

Quite strange, well not really (smile) I had been to the Concious Living Expo the day I bought "Waiting for Autumn" ..

That afternoon "Fathers Day" to be exact we decided to venture further and head into Fremantle a favorite place of mine here in Western Australia. A place where people stop listen and watch life instead of rushing through it..

We were just meandering in and out of markets and book shops.. Naturally heading straight to the self help section(as they call it here ) it was then that I saw your book.. "Ah ive been wanting to read this book" I said to my freind, then thought nothing of it and continued our delighful day..

Later that night as I began to read, I realised id not infact heard of this book, nor read anything of yours, yet it felt familiar,it was then that I researched to dicover this appears at least your first book..

This warmed me as I realised then that I was guided to "Waiting for Autumn" I was not only meant to read it but I was also on track.... Truth bumps :-)

Thankou, a true delight !!!


2009/09/08 08:44 AM

I just finished reading Waiting for Autumn and like everyone else I just loved it!! Was hard for me to put it down. The ending was great but was sorry that it ended. I wanted it to go on and on and on!!!


2009/07/28 07:48 AM

I loved this book. I smiled, cried , wondered.....many emotions arrose in me. It's been a long time since a book captured my soul in this way. Awesome Job!


2009/07/18 01:21 AM

Just finished reading Waiting for Autumn.I attend a weekly discussion/philosophy group and it was handed to me by a friend when the meeting ended. She said 'I think you'll enjoy this'. She was right. My youngest son had a car accident August last year and is still undergoing rehabilitation at a brain injury unit. The book gave me a lot of comfort.


2009/07/12 2:40 PM

Awesome Story...Read straight through, I just couldn't put the book down! I can't wait to read the next book.


Ken B.
2009/07/10 6:38 PM

Great reading! A warm, wonderful book with a fabulous ending ... I truly loved it!!


2009/07/08 6:56 PM

Waiting for Autumn is a great book. I read it in two days. I couldn't put it down. What a wonderful story.


Kathy V.
2009/07/05 4:17 PM

I absolutely loved this book and didn't want it to end. It was fabulously written and the ending was just awesome. I have had so many of the same experiences. It was like talking to a best friend. Fantastic job!


Deborah H Yemm
2009/05/19 2:03 PM

I devoured this book in only a couple of days. I loved the story. And I got truth bumps at one point (and it wasn't when they were talking about them - hint - it relates to the book's name).

This is a wonderful book for helping those who are experiencing aspects of the spirit world without assistance and for whom the experience is problematic. Just as it was for Scott.

I am recommending this book to my groups at Gaia. It is a worthwhile read, even if it is read only because it is well written spiritual literature.

I wish Summer's Path were available in a bound version. I don't own a Kindle.


Patricia Marsh
2009/05/14 11:30 AM

I loved this book it had such a powerful message of how we can lose ourselves on our path and with a little help we can reconnect with spirit. It was an emotional awakening for me reminded me of things that I have within myself and the potential that lies deep within.


Mark Jones
2009/04/25 11:56 PM

I pre-ordered Waiting For Autumn some time ago, and had forgotten about it so it was a surprise when it arrived.

I had just finished reading The Shack, where the protagonist of author William P. Young's novel meets God in person, and I thought it would be a long time before I found another book so fun to read. Once I started reading Scott's book I had a hard time putting it down.

I've always enjoyed Ashland where much of the story takes place, and many times drank the Lithia waters at the park. So, this story became more personal, and even more real to me.

I'm looking forward to returning to the park, and hope I see some dragonflies!


Laura Cade
2009/04/14 11:58 PM

As you begin "Waiting for Autumn", you may find it reminiscent of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman as your not-so-typical old wise man takes a young wayward soul under his wing, but as the book progresses you will find that it is truly a world of its own.

A magical world at that for this rich journey will open up new doors for you in regards to the capacity of the human soul, if you allow it to do so. Like sitting in front of a fire, listening to the story being told by a warm, gentle old friend, this book will warm your soul not only with its profound messages and emotional awakenings, but also with its soothing energy and tone.

"Waiting for Autumn" is as spellbinding as it is calm, as revealing as it is reserved, and as poignant as it is subtle. How can one book have so many different aspects, so many different faces? Well, if you've ever delved deeply into the human soul, this question probably won't be too difficult to answer...


Marie-Claire Wilson for Oracle 20/20
2009/04/11 07:15 AM

Scott Blum is the co-founder of the popular inspirational website He is also a successful multimedia artist who has collaborated with several popular authors, musicians, and visual artists and has produced many critically acclaimed works, including a series featuring ancient meditation music from around the world. Scott lives in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, with Madisyn Taylor - his wife, business partner and soul mate.

This wonderful novel is semi-autobiographical, and it presents a main character whose first name is also Scott, like the author. Overall, this novel introduces us to a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Scott, the protagonist, explores various healing and spiritual methods and modalities including shamanic soul retrieval, ancestral healing, manifesting and working with light.

Self-discovery themes are of particular interest to me, especially when there is an artfully developed element of the spiritual guidebook to it, giving it meaning and purpose. The author succeeds in making this story a very compelling and moving one with his style.

A truly tender experience is told when the author describes a poignant encounter with a down-and-out homeless man named Robert and his dog, Don.

The big surprise for Scott is that an extraordinary spiritual lesson is about to unfold. Robert is the on-point, living demonstration of the fact that happiness does not come from outside events or from other people. Happiness comes from the divine spark that is inside.

Robert, as a spiritual guide, is a true wise man who observes life and learns continually. It would seem that nothing effects his equanimity. He has a response to every subject and he never gets thrown off. He is always in balance. Balance is another key spiritual element. My favorite chapter is the part where the author talks about an important decision that he must make. Here’s an excerpt:

"I spent the next week and a half meditating on the most important decision I'd ever have to make in this lifetime. I’d finally discovered my soul's purpose, and found I was really good at it. But I had to decide between following my calling in the spirit world and raising my unborn daughter. The more I meditated, the more I felt that either decision was probably the right one. I knew my work would still be waiting for me after I was done with this planet, and I also knew in my heart that Autumn would understand If I continued on my journey before having the opportunity to see her in this dimension.

And although I was honored that she had chosen me, I had to do what was right for myself because I didn’t want to resent her if I decided to have a family out of obligation. I wanted to ask Autumn what she thought I should do, but she had completely stopped visiting my dreams. I could definitely feel her presence in the physical world, however, I sensed she wanted me to reach my own conclusion."

Robert, who is terminally ill, is absolutely serene and without fear even though this ultimate transition is very near. He is ready to die. This is something most of us would wish to accomplish, to overcome the fear of death and to be completely ready and peaceful about it. The protagonist, Scott, is captivated by the tranquil way that Robert is handling himself on the tragic subject of his impending death. Scott asks Robert if he is ready for another new life, for whatever comes next. Robert answers that he is not so sure if he is ready for that part. Then, Scott asks Robert when he will be leaving this planet, and Robert calmly responds: Tonight! He said with a smile that broke Scott’s heart. Scott promised Robert that when he is gone, he will take good care of Don. This is the one thing that Scott feels that he can do to repay this man for his words of wisdom.

I was so touched by this book. Each word seemed to have come directly from the heart - full of compassion. Anyone who has ever thought about searching for the light will enjoy this book! This is the kind of book to keep read a second time.

Marie-Claire Wilson, author of The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to The Divine Temple, is a bilingual writer and poet. She has been a practicing medium for 26 years using direct clairvoyance, the Tarot, numerology and palmistry. To make an appointment for a phone reading call: 1-877-847-7330


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